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Think factory is a workspace, hub and platform for the creative and technology industries. It's made up of studios, digital media suites, an innovation centre alongside our worklabs. It's open for creative people, start ups, businesses, media and technology companies of all sizes to engage in new and existing projects and services. Think Factory will both facilitate your ideas and enable your business. 


Work at Think factory

It's not a building - it's a launchpad for entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives, centred around a highly inspiring co-working space.

Our meeting rooms and venue spaces are designed for creativity and innovation every time they are used. All our Studios are purpose built to suit different projects and surrounded by creative teams and companies so your vision is delivered with world class help. Another important aspect of Think Factory is our lab and innovation space helping companies create, ideate and solve problems faster through real time learning alone, in company or collaborating with local experts and facilitators. Free 1TB wifi, coffee, talks, member events, mentors, field trips and thats just for starters! 





Think Factory provides emerging and established founders with a facility thats focused on digital media, creativity, technology, entertainment and connectivity with both virtual and in-person resources.

Created in partnership with the digital networks and platforms it brings together global knowledge access and is built around programmed talks, mentor sessions and collaborative work. 


Think Factory helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality, through mentorship and business development programmes. We guide entrepreneurs through sales, marketing, capital growth and the back office operations as you grow.

We have close partnerships with XXX and XXX, XXX local businesses of all sizes and partnerships with global accelerator programmes, Enterprise Ireland and access to worldwide entrepreneurs networks to help reduce roadblocks. 





We have a range of studio spaces from 100 sq. mtr to 10,000 sq. mtr. available for your next project.  if your early stage we have a full production team available, so you get to get your hands dirty, surrounded by a support network with the latest production technology skills to deliver world class media.  

For larger productions we have the production and resources to help you, including soundstages, post production facilities and equipment hire through our partners. So when you need full studio set up with HD facilities for your next programme, series, live event or film we are here. 

Accelerator Programme

The academy is an intensive short programme based on high growth training and mentoring for ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. This is achieved through smart learning, mentoring, scaling and understanding capital.

Focused on start-up and early stage ideas with high growth potential in the Creative Tech, Media businesses space. we work with around 10 companies (20 entrepreneurial founders and co-founders). Participants take part in course with successful entrepreneurs mentoring them personally throughout.



Through innovation, we are helping entrepreneurs and companies think big: bridging the gap between the need to grow and the ability to execute. Its all been designed from discussions with leading global agencies and think tanks who have brought next into the world of innovation.  Our labs come fully equipped with all the people and workspace tools you need to build your idea, prop or prototype. Augmented & Virtual Reality, including related technologies such as AI and IoT are crossing over into the mainstream, and in our labs and hub we have a network of equipment, professionals and companies to help bring you from idea to prototype in the shortest time frame. Spaces are available by the hour, day week or longer click here for more information. 

The need to innovate has never been greater.  We can help you create the right innovation partnerships, rapidly develop innovation solutions and create an innovation road-map to help you grow.

Lab = Solutions

Where a problem or challenge exists now or in the future Think factory will seek out the best emerging creative and technology solutions that can be fine-tuned, tested and ultimately validated prior to full scale commercial deployment. This can happen simultaneously in the online space and the real world.

These emerging creative, digital technologies will come from all over the world. from incubators, accelerators, technology transfer programs and existing companies of all sizes. Additionally, we anticipate identifying promising technologies through groups, co-working spaces, educational institutions, industry cluster initiatives, conferences and other partners.

TF Lab is designed to speed up this technology commercialisation process, lower costs and create perfect product-market fit for all stakeholders.



We choose our partners carefully, like friends - they give and take, listen and talk, and are there when we need them.  So we end up with companies and organisations that understand that your success comes first, thrive on collaborating, learning from and engage regularly with our community. Our partners see the huge potential in this and building meaningful long term two way relationship with the many business and ideas that will flow from electricity.  They range from global platforms, online services, server spaces, SaaS applications, productivity platforms, the list grows all the time.